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Unlocking New Development Opportunities through Ascend’s Rezoning Database

We recently met with Mathieu Fleury, the Vice President of Finance at Forgestone Capital — a leading full-service Canadian real estate private equity and advisory firm with $6B dollars in management and $1B in development projects. Their featured properties can be found across Canada, from

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Non Traditional Factors Are Key to Real Estate Analytics

Data analytics is booming, and real estate professionals are starting to catch up. Predictive analytics is becoming an omnipresent force in various business sectors to power decision making and strategizing processes. According to the KPMG Global PropTech Survey in October 2019, 58% of real estate companies had

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Ascend Joins the NEXT 36 Program 2020 Cohort

We're excited to announce that Hannah and Monty, Ascend’s founders, are participating in the 2020 Cohort of Next 36. The NEXT 36 is a founder-accelerator program started by NEXT Canada. 36 of the most entrepreneurial undergrads and recent grads from around Canada are chosen to

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